Our Mission

We are very passionate about what we do and produce. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled quality and service while supporting the growth and potential of our Personals. This allows us to develop strong, continuing relationships with our customers. We are structured to tackle just about any situation pertaining to expansion joints, flexible hose & Bellows. Our solutions are nicely balanced between value and cost. Don’t get overwhelmed with your flexibility issue. Do not hesitate to call us for expansion joint, flexible hose & SS Bellows.

Our History

Global Transmission has quickly grown to be a leader in our industry. When we first launched, our intent was to provide the best products, in the fastest time, at a competitive price. We have further built on this foundation and since; have become a leader in the expansion joint, flexible hose and SS Bellows. We have accomplished this by constant innovation and refinement of our manufacturing process.

Our Vision

We are customer driven in every aspect. Our mission is to maintain our leadership role in the design and manufacture of expansion joints, flexible hoses and industrial dampers. We do this through our commitment to our customers. Our team of diligent sales and engineering professionals are always up for challenge. Try us!