1. Carbon free hoses

CARBON FREE HOSES are recommended for specialist furnace coolant applications in electrical steel industries and other non-conductive applications. Engineered with specially developed carbon free tube and cover that meet service requirements of low leakage current (less than 20 micro A at 6 KV DC).

2. Wire braided hoses

Braided Hydraulic Hose. Wire braided hydraulic hose incorporates one or two high tensile steel wires which are woven and crossed to overlap each other over a synthetic rubber or elastomeric hose. The wire braiding is performed on machines which wind the wire in a crisscross pattern around the hose

3. Rubber pneumatic hoses

Rubber hoses are designed for specific fluid, temperature, and pressure ranges and are provided in various specifications. Rubber hoses consist of a minimum of three layers: a seamless synthetic rubber tube; one or more reinforcing layers of braided or spiraled cotton, wire, or synthetic fiber; and an outer cover. The inner tube is designed to withstand the attack of the fluid that passes through it. The braided or spiraled layers determine the strength of the hose. The more layers there are, the greater the pressure rating is. Hoses are provided in three pressure ranges: low, medium, and high. The outer cover is designed to withstand external abuse and contains identification markings

4. Purging hoses

The Purge Hose is designed to be used for the venting or purging of gas pipelines. Featuring an extended length of 10 metres and fitted with a flame arrester.

5. Lancing hoses

This is heavy duty hose SS321 Series A700 / 800 with stainless steel double wire braiding and inner double interlock liner for maintain the laminar flow of Oxygen/water which used for lancing oxygen and water in LD steel mills.

6. Ss corrugated hoses

Stainless Steel Corrugated Metal hoses are suitable for a wide range of application in the steelmaking, chemical smelting, petrochemical, automotive, material handing and power generation industries and many more fields. Corrugated hoses can be used either unreinforced or unbraided.

7. Flexible Metalic hoses

Metallic Flexible Hoses are fitted to permit movements created by thermal changes in the system or mechanical influences such as vibrations from pumps or compressors installed with flexible mounts. Metallic Flexible Hoses are manufactured as a convoluted tube and are usually fitted with a wire over braid.

8. Slurry Rubber hoses

A slurry hose is used to transport and discharge highly erosive materials in a range of applications. A range of slurry hoses is available to best suit specific applications. Slurry hoses are reinforced for resistance to abrasive materials, providing longevity and maximised uptime.

9. Coolant hose pipes

They are used to circulate coolant or water through the engine and other components of a vehicle.

10. Carbon injection hoses

Continental’s flexible hoses are designed to convey high pressure carbon dioxide safely, right before it is injected back to the reservoir. It is suitable for both onshore and dynamic offshore environment.