Metallic Expansion Joints – Kolkata

Metallic expansion joints use bellows to convey high temperature and pressure substances in pipelines and ducts. Since most industries today deal with pipelines carrying materials of high temperature and pressure, thermal expansion is common. This effect can cause mechanical deformation and vibrations which can eventually cause cracks, leakages, and even failure of the entire system. To avoid this from happening, expansion joints are used. They accommodate these changes by acting as a bridge and expanding and contracting according to the conditions. The contain movements in the axial direction, lateral, angular, as well as universal direction depending on the type of expansion joint used.
Metallic bellows expansion joints, also known as compensators are produced by first manufacturing the bellows and then attaching the necessary liners, control rods, end fittings, and other components to it. As per the requirement of the target location and function, these are designed in various shapes and sizes. The metal expansion joints are used in petrochemical, oil and gas industry, automobile industry, nuclear plants, and so on.
Since these are vital for the functioning of industries, the metal expansion joints have to be durable, tough, and flexible. As a result, the manufacturing has to be done carefully as per the set standards. At Kwality Products, we manufacture the bellow joints by strictly following the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) standards. We also test the products for various working conditions to ensure that the product is in the best shape and has an excellent life cycle.


Benefits of Metal Expansion Joints

The benefits of choosing metallic expansion joints can be specified as below –

  1. Vibration isolation:

unnecessary vibrations in systems can damage the system as well as the surrounding equipment severely. Metal expansion joints help in isolating these vibrations, as well as dampening noise and pressure surges.

  1. Wide temperature ranges:

These can be used to convey fluids, solids, or abrasive media at high as well as low temperatures safely.

  1. Low maintenance:

By using durable and corrosion-resistant materials, metallic expansion joints require very little maintenance and have a long life cycle.High temperature and pressure resistance