Stainless steel braided flexible steam hose pipe

Flexible steam hose pipe technical data:

1 Pipe material: SS304, SS316, SS321
2 Pipe size: 1/2″-4″(12-100mm)
3 Pipe type: annular or spiral corrugated
4 Connection type: female or male thread
5 Thread standard: Metric, BSP, JIC or NPT thread
6 Maximum working pressure: 100Bar
7 Braided mesh layer: single or double layer braided mesh
8 Working temperature rating: -200℃ up to +500℃
9 Pipe length: according to buyer’s requirements.
10 Packaging: plastic film with wooden case
Stainless steel flexible steam hose pipe function:
To absorb heat or pressure-induced expansion of piping system
To correct problems of misalignment.
To provide flexibility in manual handling operations.
To compensate for regular or constant movement.
To absorb vibration and noise.


Stainless steel braided flexible steam hose pipe

Flexible steam hose pipe also known as stainless steel corrugated hose, flexible braided pipe, steam pipline flex connecotrs, high temperature steam metal hose, etc.
Braided flexible steam hose pipe is an important connecting component in engineering technology, It is composed of corrugated flexible pipe, braided mesh cover layer and ends fittings, as compensation element, sealing element, connecting element and shock absorber in various gas and liquid pipeline systems and length, temperature, position and angle compensation systems.

Flexible steam hose pipe construction:
metal corrugated pipe, braided mesh cover layer and threaded ends.

Flexible steam hose pipe widely used in paper plant,steel plant,power plant,chemical industry’s high temperature piping system.

We can provide BSP NPT JIC or Metric threaded stainless steel braided flexible steam hose pipe assembly to meet the requirements of different customerscustomer.

Ultra is lightweight yet offers high working pressures for inert gas applications and various liquids. Examples applications include compressed gas cylinder filling, spray dryers in milk powder productions, and replacement of rigid high pressure stainless steel tubing in the aerospace industry. Ability to couple 150 plus continuous lengths with no splice joints.