Hoses For Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) System for Blast Furnaces

Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) System for Blast Furnaces

Hoses For Pulverized coal injection (PCI) reduces coke consumption, contributes to operational flexibility and improves productivity in blast furnaces


Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) System for Blast Furnaces

In the past, reactions within the blast furnace were stimulated by injecting heavy oil, as auxiliary fuel, along with the blasts and oxygen. The heavy oil was replaced by pulverized coal after the oil crisis. This made it possible to use cheap coal, such as non-coking coal. Furthermore, the amount of coke used can be reduced if huge amounts of pulverized coal are injected. Therefore, in recent years, Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) systems are used in order to lower production costs as well as extend the life cycle of coke ovens.

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