Fiberglass Reinforced PTFE Expansion Joints

Generally, custom made to customers specific requirements, we offer:

  • Bellows – Moulded or Hand Fabricated
  • Standard Food Quality (FDA Compliant) Silicone Rubber Bellows
  • Expansion Joints – Hand Fabricated or Sewn
  • Flexibles – Fabricated from Sheet or Mandrel Built
  • Socks/Cones – Fabricated from Sheet or Mandrel Built

Whatever your requirements, We can help with rubber bellows, rubber expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, flexibles and compensators.

  • Designed for use for wet or dry services up to 1200°F
  • Constructed from fiberglass reinforced PTFE with a zero porosity gas barrier of varying thickness ranging from 5mils to 30mils and mechanically bonded to the substrate
  • Consists of the highest resin content in the industry
  • Primarily used to provide the outer cover and gas seal for high temperature composites but also can be used in extreme chemical service as the primary flex element or inner gas seal
  • Typical applications range from paper processing liquors to wet scrubbers
  • Require a flow liner in most cases if used a single layer solution