Welding Neck Metal Expansion Joint

Weldable Neck Metal Expansion Joint Manufacturer

Weldable Neck Metal Expansion bellows are used in lots of applications, where it concerns safety, health, environment, durability and lifetime. Bellows are made from stainless steel strip which is first welded to a thin walled tube and formed to a bellow afterwards.

Bellows are normally unbraided and capable to absorb axial, lateral and angular movements while being under low or higher pressures and temperatures. Due to the construction techniques involved the bellows are relative light compared to equivalent non-metallic bellow alternatives in the market.


They are used to absorb thermal expansions and dampen vibrations in the system. The corrugation is welded to the connecting pieces called weld neck at both ends. Shim in axial expansion joint; it allows the flow to be laminar as well as increase the working speed of the bellows.

Weld Neck bellows has a superior tensile strength and electrical conductivity when compared to the other bellows materials. It can be soldered or brazed. Age hardened beryllium copper is often incorporated into a bellows assembly, which can then be heat treated for maximum dimensional stability. Our bellows are often favored in applications requiring a small package size and demanding lifecycle requirements. Among these applications are aerospace systems and instrumentation.

  • Absorbs and isolates troublesome pipeline vibrations
  • Smooths out force-pump system pulsations
  • Tranquillize jittering compressor pipelines
  • Also absorbs pipeline expansion, compensates for misalignment, eliminates piping stresses.
  • Ends costly failure and downtime caused by pipeline vibration transmissions
  • Customized to solve your vibration problem